So hold on for tomorrow

if she’s in a different country it doesn’t count trust me i’m an expert

true, i personally don’t care, but he also has to be interested and that’s always a problem u know

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hot dutch guy who’s tall, cute and nice and who likes football and liverpool and who makes eye contact with me with your cute face WHY DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND BACK AT HOME? 

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Also I met cute guys tonight, like the first ones where I’m really ‘DANG!!’ ever since I got here but they’re just here for the week-end and they’re leaving on monday THAT’S NOT FAIR

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first big night out in Malaga, it’s 5am, I just got home. I’m drinking  gazpacho and eating cheese. Hell yeah.

We went to a really cool club/bar where they played a lot of good music and I got super emotional bc they played songs that we always play at parties with my friends and also some french pop band and yeah :))))

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i look rad as fuck tonight but i try to take a photo and i don’t look rad as fuck on the photo

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I’m gonna chill in bed for so long tomorrow morning, I can’t wait!

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I’m so close to buying a ticket to go see 1D to Madrid or Barcelona but I still haven’t booked my trip to London so…

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I want people to watch Friday Night Lights but at the same time, I’m so scared they wouldn’t like it and :(

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