Mon, 22nd of September

last post about my roomate and then i’ll promise i’ll shut up.

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Mon, 22nd of September

Need a smoke badly but everything is still closed.

Mon, 22nd of September

You know when you think you got over someone and then you get drunk and he’s here and all you think about is being next to him? BIG BIG SIGH

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Sat, 20th of September

My roomate is the only person i really missed while i was in hungary and i’m so happy to be with him again and i’m so anxious about the fact that in 3 months it’s all over and i won’t see him again :(

Sun, 14th of September

This crush for this 18yo italian boy is really silly. I mean we did a thing today where we had to put messages in enveloppe for ppl and i told anonymously that i had a crush on him. SO STUPID

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Thu, 11th of September

That awkward moment when there’s this really cute guy in the youth exchange and all of sudden you realise he’s only 18……….. (but like really really cute)

Wed, 3rd of September

So i made it to my destination, everything’s great but IT’S FUCKING COLD OMG im not used to that anymore.

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Wed, 3rd of September

ok i’m gonna go and walk around the airport and idk. see you later if i have wifi, if not, well talk to you in 2 weeks :))

Wed, 3rd of September
rumine asked: top 5 stone roses songs and tv shows

Stone Roses

  1. I Am The Resurection
  2. Made of Stone
  3. I Wanna Be Adored
  4. Waterfall
  5. Sally Cinamon

TV Shows

  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. FNL
  3. Friday NL
  4. F Night Lights
  5. Friday Night L

ok no seriously

  1. FNL
  2. Greek
  3. My Mad Fat Diary
  4. The Hour
  5. (number 5 is always the worst because you realise there’s so many show deserving to be here) ok i’m gonna go with a show still airing and say Shameless
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Wed, 3rd of September

i hate The Libertines

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